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The Grin Reapers Podcast

Nov 29, 2022

Jake Stone and Callan Krause are Holistic Physical Therapists that have just run a workshop in WA. They run us through some of their techniques to help relieve pain, the benefits of parasite cleanses and how to get people back feeling good and training correctly. Jake tells us about a Bodyboarding injury at...

Nov 21, 2022

Cricketing legend Ricky Ponting tells us some funny stories from on field sledges to stocking his wine cellar with his latest venture. Great to have the great man on the blower ahead of his visit to WA. We also recap the latest in the UFC, some slippery car deals and slippery work sites.

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Nov 15, 2022

Lucas Browne is Australia’s only World Heavyweight Champion, who has held WBA, Australian and Commonwealth Championship belts. We chat about his career, dodging Chechnyan Mafia, fighting Daniel Cormier, sparring Tyson Fury and dodging bullets as a security guard. Awesome chat with the heavyweight Legend.


Nov 9, 2022

Fabian Woods is a Stand Up Comedian and we chat about everything from aliens to feather foot.


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Nov 2, 2022

Whitey and Buddah talk about Eternal MMA, where humans originated, Tv Shows, Music and Ken Forcement makes a crank call to throw a spanner in Branchy and Steves 100km run.

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