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The Grin Reapers Podcast

Feb 23, 2021

Corey White is a Stand Up Comedian and Criminal Lawyer. We chat about the ass hats that recently got Corey cancelled, East Timor, the Dark web, eating dicks, flying thongs, crank call Basil Zempilas and camera crews stalking Whitey in the Tension era. A fun episode!


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Feb 16, 2021

Dr Ian Dunican is back and we discuss everything from running ultra marathons to knocking out self appointed Coronavirus mask police! This was a great chat with a good insight into training loads, recovery and tools to help you dig deep when the going gets tough.


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Feb 9, 2021

Buddah and Whitey chat about lockdowns, vaccines, coffee, marathons, the UFC and we try to crank call our favourite victim. Humanitarian Shields also reveals the details for a huge Grin Reapers Bush Fire Charity/Comedy night at the Regal Theatre on March 11th!


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Feb 2, 2021

Kyle Legacy is a Stand Up Comedian from Liverpool. We hear some wild stories like pissing himself on stage and triggering hecklers to the point that they are swinging at the bouncers. We also delve into the NBA and some cool shows to watch #freebritny


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Feb 1, 2021

Whitey and Buddah discuss the Lockdown in Perth, PCR testing and the Mad Dog that invented it. We also chat about the UFC, Australia Day, Drugs, the GameStop saga, Netflix, UFO's and much more!


Stay safe people!


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