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The Grin Reapers Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

Mike Crafter was the lead vocalist from I Killed the Prom Queen. We have a comical chat about life from Aldinga to eating snags with Metallica. We also discuss Big Brother, Kim Jong Un and his mysteriously murdered brother and have some crank calls involving Coronavirus, Dr Seemore and Brad Norris's horrific...

Apr 21, 2020

Whitey and Buddah discuss Michael Jordan, the Government tracking us Edward Snowden style, expensive kettles, Netflix recommendations, YouTube comments and when life will be back to normal.



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Apr 14, 2020

Whitey and Buddah discuss Siri, corruption, who's controlling the media, 5G, and hidden agendas like the tobacco industry not disclosing the harmful effects of cigarettes for 40 years!

We also chat to Jack Robinson about the current situation with the WSL and have a cameo from photographer Brendan Foster who...

Apr 7, 2020

Whitey and Buddah discuss the latest on the Coronavirus and the shit going down behind closed doors like genetically modified cows and onshore gas exploration! We also hear about China going to the moon and the trade war with USA. We also talk about the latest Tension release, keeping fit and a quick phone call with ex...